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The One Health Intellectual Exchange "Philosophy to Practical Integration of Human, Animal and Environmental Health", an IEG discussion series, is sponsored by the Triangle Global Health Consortium One Health Collaborative. It is designed to enhance collaborations between physicians, veterinarians, researchers and other local / global health professionals by increasing public awareness of the interconnectedness of people, animals and the environment.

Session 1, 2011: Introduction to the Concept of One Health: Initiative, History, Relevant Institutions, Goals

Panel Discussion led by Members of the TGHC One Health Collaborative Steering Committee:

Larry Glickman, VMD, DrPH, (UNC Chapel Hill)
Suzanne Kennedy Stoskopf, DVM, PhD (NC State University)
Barrett Slenning, DVM, MVPH (NC State University)
Cheryl StroudDVM, PhD, TGHC One Heath Collaborative Chair
Chris Woods, MD, MPH (Duke University)

Session 2, 2011 (Jan.18): Relevance of Global Environmental Change for Understanding Future Dynamics of Animal & Human Health with Dr. Jason West
Dr. Jason West, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science & Engineering, University of North Carolina
  • Global Climate Change – Understanding the Problem.  I hope that students will gain a general understanding of the causes, impacts, and potential solutions to global climate change, emphasizing how scientific understanding of climate change was gained through history.
  • Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health.  As climate affects health through several different mechanisms, we will first identify those different mechanisms and explore how research is moving toward quantified impacts and plans for adaptation.
  • Some Current Research on Climate – Air Quality – Human Health Linkages.  I will show results of some research from my lab connecting climate, air quality, and health problems, and will use methane mitigation as an example of a possible “win-win”.

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