Defensive medicine and the c-section assembly line

Apologies for the long posting silence. I have so many drafts in progress. In the meantime, I want to direct people to the excellent and thought-provoking posts and comments at the Unnecesarean's series Defending Ourselves Against Defensive Medicine.

I thought I would tell a little story to go with it. My last CenteringPregnancy group had their reunion today. The midwife organizes it so that the reunion takes place at the meeting of a group who is about to have their babies. Then the new moms can share their experiences of birth, breastfeeding, and baby care with the moms-to-be.

One of the reunion moms had quite the story. She had 3 days of labor and was finally at the hospital making very slow progress with a posterior baby. The midwife who facilitated the group was working with her and the doctor came in to tell the midwife that the woman should have a c-section.

The midwife took him out into the hallway to discuss it. Turns out he had a morbidly obese patient who was also going to need a c-section, and would need the OR and a number of staff for a significant amount of time. The doctor's take was, "Let's get this one out of the way, then we'll do the more complicated surgery." The midwife went to bat and said "No. Mom is fine and baby is fine. I know my patient is stalled, but you do this longer surgery and THEN, if she's still not progressed, you can take her to the OR." They argued and (thankfully!) the midwife won. She went back in and put mom in a knee chest position (keep in mind this was a mom who had an epidural! these positions are possible under many circumstances!) The baby rotated to OA, and after that labor progressed and baby was born easily.

Thank goodness for guardian midwives in the face of not just defensive but assembly-line medicine.

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