Please stand with Planned Parenthood

I am sickened by the nakedly ideological attack by the Republican party on Planned Parenthood.

I cannot count the number of friends I know who have used Planned Parenthood as their ONLY affordable, accessible resource for gynecological care, birth control, STI testing, emergency contraception, and yes, also abortion. Those are services that save women's lives, and allow them to protect their current health and protect their future fertility. Regardless of what anyone may think of Planned Parenthood's provision of abortion services (a LEGAL service for which they use NO federal money, and to which all of 3% of their total funds go) the Republicans are attempting to defund a major source of Americans' access to primary health care. Not just reproductive health care - primary health care, period. For many people - especially women - Planned Parenthood is their primary care provider: they have nowhere else to go.

There is a conception by conservatives I have spoken to that Planned Parenthood pushes abortions and promiscuous sex (via "pushing" birth control?) and relies on somehow manipulating their consumers into these choices, all to make a profit (I guess the fact that they are a non-profit organization is just a minor detail.)

I knew someone exposed to this propaganda who was shocked - shocked - when she met a nurse who worked at Planned Parenthood and found out that this nurse was a normal, nice person who cared about mothers and babies. It was so completely different from the idea of Planned Parenthood that had been marketed to her by conservative religious organizations. It is an idea that is so ludicrous and at odds with my experiences and those of everyone I know who has used Planned Parenthood's services, or worked for their organization.

It's disgusting and disturbing, a ridiculous foundation for legislation, and I cannot imagine where millions of Americans will turn for these services if Planned Parenthood loses their federal funding.

Please stand with me in standing with Planned Parenthood and sign this petition now. Please share it with your friends on your blog, on Facebook, and/or via e-mail.

And please watch this video of a brave and honest woman sharing her personal experience, on the House floor:

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