We had a wonderful session with Drs. Charles Rupprecht, Carl Williams, Bob Weedon and Mr. Peter Costa on February 8th. To learn more about Rabies, please see the following Grand Rounds presentation sponsored by the CDC. 

Presentation: Rabies Elimination in the 21st Century?

Rabies, a viral zoonotic disease, can be spread to humans through bites or scratches from infected wild or domestic animals. Without prompt and proper wound cleansing and immunization, rabies can lead to death in humans – more than 55,000 people worldwide die from this disease every year. Fortunately, rabies is a vaccine-preventable disease. The most cost-effective strategy for preventing rabies in people is by eliminating rabies in dogs through vaccination. However, recent increases in human rabies deaths in parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America suggest that rabies is re-emerging as a serious public health issue.
This session of Grand Rounds addressed traditional and new approaches to disease prevention and control, the importance of evidence–based strategies and interventions for human prophylaxis and animal control, and discussed current opportunities and challenges in eliminating this disease in both developed and developing countries.
Presented by: 
Charles E. Rupprecht, VMD, MS, PhD 
Chief, Rabies Program
Director, WHO Collaborating Center for Reference & Research on Rabies, Poxvirus & Rabies Branch, Division of High-Consequence Pathogens and Pathology, National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, CDC
Presentation: Rabies: A Neglected Re-emerging Zoonosis
Dennis Slate, MS, PhD 
National Rabies Management Coordinator, US Department of Agriculture
Presentation: Management at the Human/Animal Interface
Luis Fernando Leanes, MVD, MSc 
Advisor, Veterinary Public Health Unit, Pan American Health Organization, WHO
Presentation: New Approaches to Rabies Elimination in Latin America
Deborah Briggs, MS, PhD 
Director, Global Alliance for Rabies Control
Presentation: Renewed Advocacy and Effective Partnerships for Prevention Efforts at the Community Level
Facilitated by: 
Tanja Popovic, MD, PhD, Scientific Director, Public Health Grand Rounds
Shane Joiner, Communication Manager, Public Health Grand Rounds

A number of additional interesting presentations from World Rabies Day 2010 are also available here: 

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