How people find my blog

I was looking through my stats tonight and thought I'd do a runthrough (as I've seen and enjoyed other bloggers do) of some interesting search keywords/phrases that lead people to my blog. Some of them are pretty interesting, some just...puzzling.

"doula newspaper"
This made me think of how fun an all-doula newspaper would be, imagining breaking headlines like "Hospital X gets telemetry monitors!" and an advice column with questions like "My friends are tired of me talking about birth all the time, but I just want to educate them! Who is right?"

"was getting an MPH a mistake"
It is for some people, but I'm afraid Google's not going to help with the answer for you personally.

"should I get an MPH"
You should probably talk to the above person first!

"counting from 1 to 10 while pushing"

"public health insomnia"
Pretty sure that's what I have when I lie awake at night constructing new prenatal education programs in my head.

"is breastmilk best for babies with downs syndrome"
YES! (As breastmilk is best for ALL babies, save a rare few with unusual metabolic disorders.)

"Why do nurses supplement formula to breastfeeding infants"
Pick any combination of the following: ignorance, misguided good intentions, hospital policy, habit, maternal request, laziness, active dislike of breastfeeding.

"doula unqualified neonatal nurses"
Act as a doula to unqualified neonatal nurses? Should unqualified neonatal nurses be doulas? This is one of the puzzlers.

It's Good Friday (just barely) which means 2 more days till I'm back reading blogs! I will confess I broke it just a teeny bit today to check up on Gina's labor/birth at The Feminist Breeder. Very happy for her and so interesting to see the liveblog as it unfolded! Go check it out.

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