Weekend at the movies: TED Talk on "Love, Breathe, Just Doula!"

Really enjoyed this humorous and engaging Doula/Birth 101 by Ginny Phang, a doula in Singapore.

The only thing I disagreed with her on was she was maybe implying that first-time mothers can get a 3-4 hour labor by preparing and educating themselves...I think that preparation and relaxation can certainly help shorten labor, but I wouldn't want a mom who had worked hard to prepare for birth expect a 3-4 hour labor or feel like she had done something "wrong" because a first labor took longer. But she also talks about not knowing how long labor will take, being prepared for anything, and writing a comprehensive birth plan with Plans B, C, and D. It was a fun and inspiring little video, and I think will help people understand what a doula does and why it's important. (Also, catch the gasps when she talks about planning to breastfeed for a month, then mentions how long she actually breastfed her son!)

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