Conferences, everywhere!

With a number of my work colleagues just returned from the International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) conference, I've started pondering about how to use the education $$ available from our department to go to a conference myself.

The APHA conference is coming up...ooh, the chance to check out lots of breastfeeding and MCH-related public health workshops/connections! (And let's just say, that conference is not cheap. I would love for my work to cover it!) That is late Oct/early Nov.

Then there's the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine conference, also in early Nov. They have a track for non-physicians that I would love to attend. So much fascinating stuff on international issues!

If Health Connect One has another conference, I would be so excited to attend...hoping they announce one soon.

Let's not forget the next ILCA conference is a year from now in Orlando!

And although it wouldn't be connected directly enough with my job (so I'd have to pay my own way) - having missed this year's, I am really determined to attend next year's CLPP conference (and I'd like to do a workshop - I am brainstorming ideas at the intersection of birth/breastfeeding/reproductive justice if anyone would like to collaborate!)

Any other conferences out there you'd suggest, or planning on going to?

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