Too late for me, T-Rex

Dinosaur Comics may be - no, definitely is - my favorite webcomic. There may be - no, there definitely is - a Dino Comics whiteboard on my fridge.

[True story about how DC tied into my birth/breastfeeding/etc. life: whenever the newest comic is particularly great, I make it my Gmail status. Then people I was e-mailing professionally, like the midwife who ran the Centering program I volunteer for, started showing up on my Gchat list and I thought "Huh, they can see my status too; maybe that doesn't look very professional and I should stop doing that." The next time I saw that midwife she said, "Oh, I have to tell you - you have gotten me completely addicted to Dinosaur Comics."]

So you can imagine that I got special joy from today's comic:

Too late for me to heed T-Rex's advice! But some good points there.

(For more comics, the archives are here. Tip: hover the pointer over the comic to see the "alt-text" for extra commentary.)

P.S. There's a post coming soon about my long radio silence, not to mention a lot of links and even new content! It's been a busy month and I've been low on the posting mojo.

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