Healthy Habits For Healthy Teeth

Healthy habits can prevent tooth decay. Damage to the teeth is usually associated with the habit of eating foods that contain sugar, such as candy and similar. In fact, any foods that contain carbohydrates can create cavities. How to get rid of it? Therefore, you must diligently perform dental care and make healthy habits to maintain healthy teeth. 

Here are the tips:

1. Eating a healthy and balanced diet. Besides carbohydrates you also need extra nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that keep teeth and gums healthy.

2. Give the lag time between meals and snacking. It helps the teeth to avoid always hit sour. Because after eating, acids are formed between 20-40 minutes.

3. Drinks with added sugar such as juice, tea and coffee will form acid on the teeth. Limit drinking beverages with the added sugar. Including eating candy lollipop.

4. If possible drink water containing fluoride. Water and fluoride will help clean and protect teeth.

5. Do not let the baby for too long a bottle of milk. This habit will make your teeth too long exposed carbohydrates and damage baby teeth. Replace the contents of a bottle of milk with water, and get used to it drinking milk from a glass.

6. Brush your teeth at least twice a day. However, if possible brush teeth after meals will help remove plaque that can create acid.

7. For more healthy tooth surface, you can use dental floss every once or twice a day.

8. Stop smoking. Tobacco increases the risk of tooth decay and other oral disorders even.

9. And finally, diligently check your teeth to the dentist.

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