10 Tips For Healthy Party

The party can sometimes be one of the obstacles we are in losing weight, if you are planning a party and need to include some food to celebrate, limit choices on healthy and tasty food.

Here are some suggestions that can be followed for healthy party:

1. When you make the sauce accompanying the food or dressing for the salad (salad dressing), use yogurt instead of sour cream or in mayonnaise as the base ingredients.

2. For low-fat dip, try salsa seasoning. Most salsa seasoning contains only five to ten calories per spoon feeding.

3. When cooking, remember that garlic, ginger, onion, lemon juice, vinegar, pepper, and spices are the best natural flavoring to your food.

4. Raw vegetables can make your dishes a more colorful look, coupled with a crispy texture to be consumed as a source of good nutrition.

5. Replace one egg with egg whites of two eggs.

6. Choose products low in saturated fat.

7. Pretzel without salt better than other full-calorie snack.

8. Use skim or 1% milk. It contains much less jenu fat, cholesterol and calories than regular milk.

9. Make sure that any food served is healthy food. Expand vegetables and fruits.

10. Give 'goodie bag' for the invited guests that they bring all the excess food at parties. It can prevent you from the temptation to consume excess food.

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